Connecting Voices

Helping young people stay in care for longer and to equip them with the skills needed to make the transition into independent living. 

Co-production clinics

Co-production clinics
Attend a co-production clinic on 14 November on the run up to #CoProWeekScot

Co-producing Cultural Competency

Working with the Govanhill Roma Community

Co-producing Cultural Competency
This three-month project was inspired by the Iriss Insight exploring social work’s role in upholding the human rights of Scottish Gypsy Travellers. The Insight highlighted the need for state agencies including those involved in health, social care and social work, to incorporate culturally competent practice into their services to Scottish Gypsy Travellers. It is important for all social services providers to consider how to engage participation from Scottish Gypsy Travellers, for example, staff and foster carer recruitment, local and national policy makers, and local user forums.

Community social work case studies

Showcasing community social work
A series of case studies that demonstrate what community social work is and has to offer, grounded in real-life context and experience.

Co-producing cultural competency

7 Mar 2018
Kinning Park Complex, 43 Cornwall St, Glasgow, G41 1BA
Event which explores the potential of co-production methodology for the development of cultural competency for social workers engaging with Scottish Gypsy Travellers and Romani communities in Scotland.