'Working together apart' during Covid-19

Published on 2 Jun 2020

Find yourself running a partnership or project which is proving challenging given that people are not able to convene in a physical space?

We're creating a course that will support you to create a practical project plan in these circumstances.

The course will reframe some of our current tools, exploring ideas of co-production and partnership working and will provide new ideas and resources. For example, you may be working on an international project or bringing people together from rural settings, or working with people who find it easier to contribute from home.

Each section of the course will be short and succinct to give you a clear overview and ensure you feel confident to get started in your own context. Further resources will be made available. There will also be exercises that you can complete to help you assess your own understanding and learning, and capture your reflections on the process. 

Please contact Josie Vallely for further information.