All clued up

Published on 25 Nov 2019

We celebrated Co-Production Week Scotland (18-22nd November) with a half-day event focused around introducing co-production as an idea and way of working, and getting people 'clued up' on the tools/methods that help work in this way. The event also gave attendees the opportunity to try out asset mapping to identify what resources they already have to support co-production. 

Over 70 people signed up to attend the event and there was a good buzz in the room on the morning. Following an introduction by Rikke Iversholt, Acting Director at Iriss, Josie Vallely provided an overview of some of the tools that can be used in co-production, with specific focus on the Iriss co-production project planner. Following this session, other members of the Iriss team ran workshops on topics including: using evidence for effective co-production; creatively communicating; and a personal outcomes approach in co-production. 

We had some positive comments from attendees about the event:

…only half way through the event and I’ve got so many tips and tools to take back to the office and share with colleagues. I’m really keen to get my hands on that [co-production planner]. There are so many things in there to help guide our planning and make sure we are taking the right approach from the start.

For an organisation like us, we don't have loads of time and resources, so to already have something set up means that we can just pick it [co-production planner] up and use it when we need it.

Check out what else happened over the week on the Scottish Co-production Network website.