University of Paisley

Interprofessional learning and performance assessment: pilot project report

Our aim was to consider new opportunities for inter-professional learning within a range of existing and new service settings and explore the possibilities for a shared approach to the assessment of social work students in these placements. We have done this by placing one cohort (8) of Fast-track Direct Practice 1. (D.P.1.) Diploma in Social Work (Dip.S.W.) students in a range of placements provided by Quarriers.

Integrated assessment: a comprehensive knowledge review

Integrated Assessment

The overall aim of the Integrated Assessment Project was to develop innovative flexible and aligned assessment methods to promote deep learning for ethical and effective practice. It comprised of three discrete projects with the following key objectives:

  • Project 3.1 New Methods of Assessment
  • Project 3.2 Shared Assessment
  • Project 3.3. Involvement of Users and Carers