Looked after children

Redesigning support for care leavers

Exploring the use of co-productive methods to collaboratively design and improve leaving care services

Final report of a project that brought together care leavers in Argyll and Bute with their corporate parents (throughcare and aftercare, social work, health, homelessness and education services), to explore what a co-productive approach could look like in the social work sector.

Attachment - the importance of physical and emotional safety - Edwina Grant

Scottish Attachment in Action network seminar

Edwina Grant, an independent psychologist and Chair of Scottish Attachment in Action, introduces a meeting of SAIA with a discussion of the importance of physical and emotional safety and 'the dance of attunement'.

Recorded at Scottish Attachment in Action network seminar, why attachment matters for all.

Taking Place Seriously – young people's views on living in a children's home - Zachari Duncalf

Zachari Duncalf, Research Fellow, CELCIS (February 2012)

Zachari Duncalf, Research Fellow at CELCIS, speaks about a pilot project - Taking Place Seriously - that was undertaken to understand how young people feel about living in a children's home and what the young people liked or disliked about their surroundings. This recording sits within the parameters of child care as part of the collection.

Why attachment matters: please touch. Interviews with organisers and delegates

Scottish Attachment in Action Conference

Why attachment matters: Please touch. Recorded at the Scottish Attachment in Action Conference on 9th September 2011.

Fiona Lettice (Development Manager for Adoption UK in Scotland), Laura Steckley (Glasgow School of Social Work), Judith Furnival (SAIA committee member) and Paul Gilroy (Head of Service for Crossreach Residential Schools) talk about the background to conference and the importance of touch.

Young people's research findings

Working with young people

A presentation of their research findings by the young people involved in the community research project Working with young people, which evaluated Who Cares? Scotland's advocacy services in two local authority areas.