Iriss Forum, Designs for the future (2011)

Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, Tuesday, 6 December, 2011.

Iriss Forum 2011

Traditional approaches to improving service delivery tend to focus on consultative processes that create new policies, regulations and guidance. An alternative approach is for service providers and people who access support to work collaboratively, using Service Design processes to generate insights, develop ideas and then test them out.

Designing services together ensures outcomes important to people are the focus of the improvement process, advancing the personalisation agenda and enabling greater involvement and transparency by sharing the role of improving care and support.

The Iriss Forum 2011 will provide you with an opportunity to learn more about Service Design, how it has shaped service provision in England and how Iriss and service providers in Scotland have embraced this approach. We will hear from those who have been pioneers in the field and will showcase Service Design projects, which Iriss is working on.

Shaping the choreography of care and support

Iriss Forum, Designs for the future 2011

Alison Petch (Iriss Director), Lisa Pattoni and Gayle Rice (Iriss Project Managers) and Ian Grout (Glasgow School of Art) explain the background to this project which involved students from the Glasgow School of Art working with practitioners and people who use services to consider how to reshape care and support. There were four themes: reablement, partnership working and communication, social isolation and anticipatory care.

Enabled by Design

Iriss Forum, Designs for the future 2011

Denise Stephens is co-founder and CEO of Enabled by Design, which is a community of people who are passionate about Design for All.

Enabled by Design believe that good design can support people to live as independently as possible, by helping to make everyday living that little bit easier.

Here's a hand

Iriss Forum, Designs for the future 2011

Introduced by Catherine McCrae. Here's a Hand is an innovative service designed to connect people to their family, friends and neighbours, making it quicker and easier to ask for and offer a helping hand, a bit of advice or companionship. The service uses mobile phone texts, email, and online messaging to communicate across the group instantly and simultaneously, creating a real time, dynamic network of support.

Designing the practice of design

Iriss Forum, Designs for the future 2011

Joe Heapy (Director of Engine) leads the work with the public sector at Engine Service Design. He collaborated with Demos to research and publish 'The Journey to the Interface', setting out the role of user-centred approaches to service design in the public sector.

Iriss Forum 2011: Angela Constance

Iriss Forum, Designs for the future 2011

Minister for Children and Young People, Angela Constance MSP introduced 2011 Iriss Forum held in Glasgow on 6th December 2011. She has been the Member of the Scottish Parliament for the Livingston Constituency since May 2007, prior to which she worked as a social worker and mental health officer and was a local councillor in Livingston.