Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services Podcast (2008-2014)

Research seminars and events of interest to social work and social services in Scotland.

From 2014 this podcast has been superceded by IRISS.FM.

Personal learning networks introduction - Alison Petch

Personal learning networks

Alison Petch, former Iriss Director introduces a new animation from NES and Iriss which dispels some of the myths about social media, showing how easy it is try things out and decide what works for for the individual.

Pilotlight co-design team discussion

Iriss Champions network meeting

Moray co-design team
Members of the Pilotlight co-design team in Moray discuss the pathway to self-directed support for people with mental health problems.

Driving through culture change in difficult times - Angela Morgan

Exploring culture change: approaches and challenges

Angela Morgan, Chief Executive of Includem, shares her experience and lessons in leading a small, innovative organisation through difficult economic times and changes while remaining true to its core purpose and vision.

IRISS.FM - Ian Watson

Iriss Champions network meeting

Ian Watson, Programme Manager at Iriss, speaks about IRISS.FM, internet radio for Scotland's social services.