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Let Iriss help you during lockdown

How we can help

Do you work in the social work or social care sector in Scotland?

Lots of people across organisations are making use of new and existing technology to support working through Covid-19. We know people can find it stressful when they can’t get technical things to work. It’s not always easy for everyone when something new comes along.

How do you learn, where do you begin? If you are having difficulty getting something on your computer, tablet or phone to work, Iriss is here to help you. We’ll try and help find answers to your problems or point you to places or other organisations to help you further. This is a service just for you, for things you personally are having difficulty with.

Just send us an email with your query. We will handle all queries confidentially and not disclose your details outside Iriss. In return, we request that you allow us to publish our solution for the kind of problem/query you have on our website. We will anonymise any solutions we choose to post to our website.

We know that for every one person who asks about a technical problem there are probably at least ten others having the same issue and they may never seek help. The simple act of you asking the question could help others working in the sector too. 

Questions or issues you might have

  • Do you want free, confidential, one-to-one technical support for computer or other technological problems?
  • Struggling to get started with some new technology you wish you knew how to use on your device?
  • Got questions about something technical with no one to ask for help?
  • Is there something annoying or irritating you in the software you use for work?
  • Have you been given instructions to follow by your IT support but you still don’t understand what to do?
  • Perhaps there’s something you’ve heard or seen others using but don’t know where to start?

Contact us

Send your question to

We’ll do our best to help you and reply to the email address you send us the message from.

All we ask is that you make it clear how your work relates to Scotland and social work or social care. Without a genuine query we can’t answer your question.