Iriss publishing support service

We recognise that during the COVID-19 pandemic, social services organisations are going through a period where communication and getting across a message can be essential. However, it is a hard time to do that as many are working remotely and having to engage with ways of doing things that they aren’t familiar with, or they want to make better but aren’t sure how. We want to help where we can, using the expertise that we have in the Iriss team.

If you are working in social services and need help to publish content on your own website, or are looking to create something new, we can help.

  • Do you need support to publish on your own website?
  • Are you publishing a new resource but looking to host it somewhere other than your own website?
  • Do you have some learning you want to share with others, we can help adapt that to be published on the internet making it available to all.
  • Do you need support to produce multimedia enhanced resources?

These examples are to give you an idea of the types of areas we can provide support on. Please don’t feel limited by those examples.

Send us your questions and we will handle all enquiries confidentially.

In return, we request that you allow us to publish the solution on our website so we can help others.

Send your request to