Crime and justice research collection

Audio and video recordings concerning recent research on crime and justice related topics

This crime and justice research collection contains a mixture of podcasts and videos about recent research on crime and justice related topics. The collection contains two types of recordings. Research soundbites are short clips that highlight key findings from recent crime and justice research. The Research Discussion recordings are longer pieces involving a mixture of academics, policy makers and practitioners discussing research findings and their implications for policy, practice and academia.

This series has been designed to improve access to, and awareness of, research findings and debate. It includes a combination of videos and audio, and the series has been supported by the Higher Education Academy: C-SAP Network, Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research (SCCJR) and Iriss.

This series is partly an experiment to explore whether producing different types of recordings helps to improve research awareness or access for different audiences. We would be very grateful for your feedback or comments about the collection