Learn about co-design tools

We would like to invite you to a free event on Monday, 3rd October to learn about co-design, and tools that can support it. We’ve run two recent co-design projects - one with older people and practitioners who worked together to improve the pathway from hospital to home; and the other with people who access (or may in the future access) self-directed support (SDS), and practitioners from the Pilotlight project.

At the event we'll share our learning from each of these projects and offer you the opportunity to plan a co-design project using the processes and tools we used. You don’t need to work with older people or know anything about self-directed support you just need an interest in collaborative processes and an idea for a project you’d like to run to improve service provision in your area. Our aim is to increase uptake of co-design and co-production in a range of contexts.

The event will be held at the Macroberts Art Centre in Stirling (9.30am-3.30pm).

There is no charge for this event. A non-attendance fee of £50 will be charged if you book a place and fail to attend, or cancel within five days of the event.