Making evidence meaningful

Event that will explore the ways in which a wide range of evidence perspectives and voices can influence how social services are delivered in Scotland.

It has been organised through the Improving Use of Evidence Strand of the Scottish Social Services Strategy who have developed an evidence statement, that states:

We believe that evidence-informed practice involves considering evidence from a wide range of places, including experiences of practitioners and service users, as well as evidence from more formal research, organisations and environmental contexts.

Through the day we will have presentations from a number of organisations and projects that will prompt group discussion around how evidence can be used to impact decision-making, practice and policy.

A number of contributions through the day include:

  • Deirdre Henderson, the People-led Policy Officer at Inclusion Scotland. Deirdre will share with us the current work of with the People Led Policy Panel
  • Irina McLean, Project Leader with NHS Research Scotland Management Team who is leading the development of a Research Governance Framework for social services.
  • Making Recovery Real in Dundee and the Scottish Recovery Network

... and others to be announced

The day is aimed at social services practitioners and managers who are interested in ways in which evidence-informed practice can not only influence, but lead change, in care and support in Scotland. We particularly want to focus on the practicalities of how this is done, going beyond the understanding that this is a good thing, to finding ways to make evidence use meaningful.