Relationship-based practice in a digital world

Digital technology has a major impact on the way we communicate with friends, family, services and how we work. The pandemic has quickly driven us into new and evolving ways of working, which disrupted the face-to-face nature of much of social work. Remote digital working brought practical and emotional challenges for social workers, organisations responsible for social work provision, and for people requiring social work support. 

This free event for social workers will explore what we have learned over the past year about creating and maintaining relationships through the use of technology. It'll provide the Scottish policy context; evidence about how our national capacity is developing; and examples of innovation and development in digital social work. Delegates’ collective views and experiences will also be brought together to inform and support further work on what we now know is an important and evolving area of practice.

Social workers who attend will gain an:

  • Understanding of how the pandemic has affected our digital capacity
  • Increased awareness of the ways in which digital technology can be used in relationship-based practice
  • Opportunity to share their experiences and perceptions of how digital technology affects our relationships with people who use our services 

The programme will include keynotes from Aaron Slater (SCVO) on the digital landscape and our digital capacity; and Dawn Robb and Rosie Cooper (Scottish Government) on the policy landscape and technology enabled care (TEC) in social work.

This is a partnership event of Iriss, the Scottish Association of Social Work (SASW) and Social Work Scotland.