Innovation for independent, inclusive living: what’s the evidence?

Scotland’s social care support system is going through a period of change as we negotiate our way through pandemic recovery, travelling towards the implementation of the Independent Review of Adult Social Care (IRASC) recommendations, and consultation on the creation of a National Care Service.

What evidence is currently available about what works (and doesn't)? What are the seeds for change we want to nurture and grow; the levers we need to use or the conditions we need to create?

About the event

This event will provide an opportunity to build on what is already evidenced, to think about what we want decision-makers to hear and understand, and identify any gaps in our knowledge that we want to fill.

The event will be a mix of guest speakers and opportunities for audience questions and discussion to:

  • Recognise what works and where change is necessary
  • Foreground the perspectives of supported people and support providers
  • Highlight innovation happening now and show what the levers for change are
  • Focus on the future during a time of system change

Speakers include Kiana Kalantar, who is an artist, filmmaker and activist; and Robert Sanders, Iriss Information Specialist.

Who should come along?

This event is for anyone committed to supporting innovation and change to support independent, inclusive living:

  • Practitioners, managers and commissioners of social care and support, particularly of interest to people working in the areas of community-based support and care at home.
  • Supported people and membership organisations.
  • Policy makers, researchers

This is the first in a series of events to support a new way of thinking to deliver on the ambitions of the Independent Review of Adult Social Care.