Innovation for independent, inclusive living: people-centred commissioning

The second event in our series on innovation for independent, inclusive living.

Scotland’s social care and support system is going through a period of change. We are negotiating our way through pandemic recovery, and travelling towards the implementation of the Independent Review of Adult Social Care (IRASC) recommendations. Commissioning of social care services must prepare for transition towards the creation of a National Care Service.

What do we know about what works (and doesn't)? What are the seeds for change we want to nurture and grow; the levers we need to use or the conditions we need to create?

This event will focus on how support is planned and purchased, and explore how strategic commissioning can be more ethical, sustainable and people-centred.

We are pleased to welcome guest speakers from Wales. The Gwynedd social care team and local health board have been redesigning services, developing a people-centred approach to commissioning homecare that moves away from a ‘time and task’ model to more personalised, and collaborative support.  Hear about this from commissioner, supported person and provider perspectives.

Bring your questions and experiences about how commissioning can be a driver for better outcomes for people.

This event is an opportunity to 

  • Recognise what works and where change is necessary
  • Foreground perspectives of supported people and support providers
  • Highlight innovation happening now 
  • Focus on the future during a time of system change 
  • Add to our growing body of evidence, calls to action and levers for change from this series of events.

Who should come along?

This event is for anyone committed to supporting innovation and change to support independent, inclusive living:

  • Practitioners, managers and commissioners of social care and support, particularly of interest to people working in the areas of community-based support and care at home.
  • Supported people and membership organisations.
  • Policy makers, researchers