Commissioning Social Support for People with Epilepsy

Are you a policy maker or commissioner of care and support in Scotland? Do you work with, or support, people living with epilepsy? Join our online session to hear more about how social support contributes to people with epilepsy living well, and learn about a new resource for commissioning this kind of support.

Epilepsy is one of the most common serious neurological conditions in the world, and it can affect anyone. Social support for people with epilepsy focuses on providing a person with resources and knowledge and developing skills and confidence to live well and safely with epilepsy and self manage their condition.

Holistic and integrated care and support for epilepsy should be a combination of clinical care and social support that takes place outwith clinical settings. The unique contributions made by specialist primary care, specialist secondary care and social support are all needed. However, at present social support is under-developed across Scotland, and access is highly variable.

It is essential that social support is resourced well to ensure that there is holistic and integrated care. With funding from the Scottish Government, Quarriers, Epilepsy Connections and Epilepsy Scotland worked with Iriss to develop a national approach for commissioners to improve the availability of social support for people with an epilepsy diagnosis.

You can expect to:

  • Hear from people with expertise and knowledge about living with epilepsy
  • Learn more about the social support landscape in Scotland
  • Be the first to hear about the national approach for commissioners that has been developed

Find the toolkit here