MSc Leading People-Centred Integrated Care

Published in Features on 24 Mar 2020

We've supported the University of the West of Scotland to produce a promotional video for their MSc in Leading People-Centred Integrated Care

The MSc is designed to provide a progressive pathway of Masters' level study for staff working in health, social care or in the third sector. It will empower and enable individuals to lead and develop integrated services to promote and enhance quality of care and improve outcomes for people.

From a national and international perspective there is a recognised shift towards integrating health and social care for preventative, outcome-based commissioning and support. The approach values the role that people who use the services, their families and communities play in planning and delivering integrated care with professionals in new ways that add value and are sustainable.

This distinctive MSc is designed to enable local and international students to contextualise, develop and lead integrated services that improve the quality of care and enhance outcomes for people, professionals and organisations.

It will develop enhanced leadership and influencing skills and a deeper understanding and respect for the different professional, organisational, sectoral and international cultures. Bringing together students with a wide range of personal and professional experiences enriches active learning and generates insights from the 'real world' of the workplace and from different health and care systems.

Watch the video below to get insights from those who have undertaken the training.

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