Where from? Where now?

Published in Features on 4 Mar 2013
"Homeless women will often resort to extreme measures to keep a roof over their heads: remaining in abusive relationships, engaging in sex work or committing minor crimes to be taken into custody. Others are found in crack houses and brothels, where they are controlled by pimps and drugs. For women that do end up on the streets, hidden sleeping sites away from the more obvious doorways and subways may protect them from immediate dangers, but can isolate them from potential help".

These are the words of Georgina Cranston, the creator of the Where from? Where now? resource based on an in-depth multimedia project that tells the individual stories of a small number of homeless women in London, looking at the reasons that have led to their homelessness and how they are rebuilding their lives. It aims to create a textured picture of the day-to-day reality of homelessness as experienced by the women who are living through it and the insights from the people who support them.

The project brings together work created over 18 months, which culminated in an exhibition at gallery@oxo on London's South Bank in November 2012. The website contains photofilm, written stories and audio clips, told in the women's own words, combined with photography to highlight the difficult and complex issues faced by the women, while helping to challenge perceptions of women's homelessness.

The project blog provides extra commentary from the women and support staff, as well as Georgina's own thoughts and impressions written over the duration of the project. Additional research concerning topics of specific relevance to women's homelessness, such as domestic abuse, prison, motherhood and prostitution, including interviews with support staff can also be found on the homepage.

Visit the Where from? Where now? website.