Make remembering easy with Evernote

Published on 19 Nov 2013
This article originally appeared in Care Appointments magazine in their Webwatch section.

Busy modern life can make it difficult to remember everything. And there always seems to be quite a lot to remember, not only in our daily working lives, but also in our private lives. It can be an endless stream of paper to-do lists, notes and ideas tucked into bags, coat pockets, on desks - anywhere to make it easier to remember! However, a web tool that can help put paper lists to bed is Evernote. Evernote provides an easy and effective way to manage notes and ideas using one tool.

Evernote is a free-to use web-based note taking tool. It's just one of many ways the web can help you work smarter. Advantages of using Evernote over other note taking tools include:

  • Your notes can be accessed on any device - computer, tablet device, Smartphone etc.
  • Notes can be sorted into folders and then tagged and annotated, making it a great way to organise information.
  • You can search your notes at any time and from any device.
  • You can embed documents, web pages and photos into notes.
  • You can include a voice memo as part of your note.
  • You can easily email notes to others and share them to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Free and Premium versions are available. A Premium account gives you a lot more upload capacity (photos and files) and an increase in maximum note size. It also allows you to search inside PDFs and gives access to Note History, which shows you past versions of notes. A PIN lock can be activated which adds a layer of protection on mobile devices.

Evernote champions productivity and makes remembering easy.

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