Published on 14 Apr 2014
This article originally appeared in Care Appointments magazine in their Webwatch section.

Pearltrees is a creative and visual way to save and manage your favourite websites or 'pearls' as they are known. 'Pearls' - websites, files, photos and notes - can be saved and organised into what's known as 'pearltrees'. These 'trees' can be created and organised around subjects of interest. For example, you may have an interest in photography and want to save lots of interesting websites, blogs, photos on the topic. Using Pearltrees it's simple. Just create a 'tree' called 'photography' and start to save 'pearls' Visually, the 'pearltrees' have a tree-like structure much like mind mapping. Similar tools exist such as Delicious and Diigo, which are less visual. These are more commonly known as social bookmarking tools and allow you to save favourite websites in lists which can be tagged with words that identify them.

What's great about Pearltrees?

  • Visual - it is a creative and accessible way to manage information
  • Intuitive - it is simple to setup, use and browse
  • Access - 'pearltrees' can be accessed on computers, mobile phone and tablet devices
  • Scope - websites, files, photos and notes can be saved rather than web pages alone
  • Learn - using the search function it is easy to see what other people are collecting
  • Collaborate - people can work together to create 'pearltrees'
  • Share - information saved using Pearltrees can be easily shared through Twitter, Facebook and Google+

Pearltrees also offers a number of Premium account options with added features such as privacy control, and ways to more effectively customise content.

Visit Pearltrees.