Write to recovery

Published in Features on 13 Jun 2014

On 12 June 2014, the Scottish Recovery Network (SRN) launched its Write to Recovery website at The Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh. The launch forms part of the organisation's 10-year anniversary celebrations. It was a very inspiring day that featured guest speakers, Linda Gillard, an acclaimed, self-published fiction writer who spoke about the importance of writing in her recovery journey; and Robin Ross, a man who has experienced some 'serious life challenges' speak about how he has managed to turn his life around through writing and telling his story.

SRN has a long tradition of helping people write and share their personal narratives, which helps to increase and disseminate knowledge and understanding about mental health recovery. Write to Recovery is designed to support people affected by mental health problems on their journeys of recovery.

And why writing? SRN will testify that there is sound evidence that writing can transform lives and powerfully support recovery and wellbeing. The ability to take control of one's own narrative, and recognise the right to tell a story and say what it means, are crucial events on any recovery journey. Write to Recovery offers individuals the opportunity to gain insights into their own experience and, if they wish, share the learning with others. It provides an attractive and easy to use interface, with tools that encourage, prompt and help individuals and groups to create and write their own stories.

Examples of themes and prompts used to encourage writing include:

  • Quick Burst - a place to quickly write down thoughts, ideas and feelings about something that's important or bothering you
  • My Life: The Movie - a fun and creative way to write about your life experiences and reveal important truths about how you view your own life
  • Surviving, Thriving and Recovery - a place to write about skills, strengths and ways to overcome life's challenges. This theme can help you discover your own powers of recovery.
  • My Fabulous Future - a space to forget about reality for a moment and to do anything you want to do, be anywhere you want to be, with anyone you like. Working through such a story can help you work out what you really want from life.

Visit Write to Recovery to read stories and/or contribute your own.