Medium - a simple way to create stories

Published on 16 Nov 2015

We're all aware of the power, and the increasing popularity, of story to get a message across. And visual stories can be even more powerful. The quick creation of online, multimedia stories is possible using Medium. Medium enables the creation of stories that comprise text, web links, videos and photographs. It basically provides a blank canvas on which to build a web page of content.

To get started, sign-up for free using Twitter, Facebook, Google or email. When you've created an account, click 'new story' to get going. Give the story a title and then use the + sign on the page for options to add text, and embed other web page content, videos and photographs. It's really that easy. Medium has a really intuitive interface and doesn't require any technical web knowledge.

There are limited formatting features on Medium so it won't overwhelm. By highlighting the text you can bold, italicise, create headers, include block quotes and link to other web content. Formatting can be removed by deselecting the option on the toolbar. Drafts can be shared with anyone to get feedback, even if they don't have a Medium account. To share your unpublished draft, use the 'share draft' button, which will generate a link that can be copied and sent to people. You can also import stories from other places on the web into Medium by copying and pasting the web address.

Try out Medium.