Pilotlight - pathways to self-directed support

Published in Features on 15 Jan 2016

Pilotlight, an Iriss project, works with co-design teams of people who use and deliver services across Scotland to design pathways to self-directed support (SDS). Using a design approach, it aims to demonstrate how to design support for seldom heard groups, provide more personalised and appropriate services, and increase the marketplace of support providers.

Pilotlight has a dedicated website, which gives an overview of each of the pathways, as well as resources and tools that support the design of them. General resources include a Pick 'n' Mix video which provides a short, accessible introduction to SDS and the four options, and a mapping tool which maps all the people and steps involved in an individual's journey to SDS. The latter is designed to help the person know who is involved, what their roles are, what each step will be and when it will take place, so that they can exercise as much choice and control as possible over the process.

Other resources include a series of accessible information guides for each of the SDS options, and information and tools around eligibility and assessment, support planning, risk enablement, support, and learning and development. There is also a suite of co-design tools that have been used by the project team. These include workshop facilitation tools, templates for building ideas, and different ways to think about problems. All of these resources and tools are freely available to adapt and use.

Visit the Pilotlight website.