Visme - stylish presentations and infographics

Published in Features on 21 Mar 2016

If you would like to create visual presentations and infographics but haven’t formal training or skills in using tools like Photoshop or Indesign, Visme can help. Visme is a web tool that enables the easy creation of presentations and infographics - a way to translate and communicate ideas and messages in a very visual and engaging way; not limited to text.

Visme makes it really easy to create designs. There’s a set of professional, ready-made templates available to choose from or you can start with a blank canvas and customise a presentation or infographic. Editing each element is extremely easy. You only need to click on them in order to edit text, move things around, and so forth. Some of the features to choose from include text fonts, background colours and styles, shapes, graphics, web icons and infographic styles. There is a range of free images and YouTube videos and sound files can also be embedded.

It is especially useful for presenting and reporting data more visually. An example might include the presentation of key facts and figures from a report as part of an executive summary. It’s useful for individuals who blog or create text content and want to create static graphics or interactive presentations and infographics to complement it. All created designs can be downloaded as JPG images.

Visme is free to use; it takes just a minute to register and start creating a project. Most features are free to users, but there is a Premium (paid for) option for access to other features such as collaboration, unlimited projects and storage, analytics and privacy.

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