Your Options Understood (Y.O.U.)

Published in Features on 22 Aug 2016

Your Options Understood (Y.O.U.) is a resource that offers independent advice to those living with a disability, as well as parents and carers. It was set-up by Dr Danielle Farrel to share her own experiences of life with a disability and to show that having a disability does not necessarily mean that individuals cannot live an independent life. Y.O.U. supports those living with a disability to have control over their daily support, and to get assistance to do the things they want to do, at times when they want to do them, supported by people they choose.

Y.O.U. provides helpful information on self-directed support (SDS) and some best practice guidance around it, including case studies on practical ways the options can be used. It answers a large number of questions on SDS, such as ‘How can I get SDS?’, ‘What can I do if I think my budget is not enough?’ and ‘Is this really just a way to do things on the cheap?’. If you have questions about SDS, you’re likely to find an answer from Danielle.

As well as offering assistance and advice with SDS, Y.O.U. offers additional services around training support workers. This type of service can be combined with advice on managing SDS services. Staff training services include:

  • Staff attitudes and practices
  • Recording daily notes
  • Support planning

Y.O.U. also offers advocacy and / or consultation services either on a one-to-one basis or in small groups. Living with a disability herself and hearing of her parents' experiences following diagnosis, Danielle is keen to share her experiences with parents and carers, as well as service users who may find their diagnosis daunting.

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