Trello - collaborative project management

Published in Features on 29 Aug 2016

Trello is a visual and easy to use project management tool that allows for collaboration. It’s free to set up so you can give it a go without investing a lot of time or any finance in it. If you think very visually it’s likely to appeal as it’s organised using images and coloured labels, rather than just plain text. 

Trello works on the premise of setting up a ‘board’ with a number of cards which detail project activity. Cards are laid out horizontally on the online board or page, which gives you a good visual overview of activity. Tasks / to-dos listed on the cards can be dragged and dropped onto other lists or reordered within lists.

As examples of what it can help you manage, individual Trello cards can contain to-do lists, images, attachments, assign users, deadline dates, coloured labels and discussion notes from others who you have shared the board with. The cards are like sticky notes that you might arrange on a physical pin board, but these notes are searchable, shareable, and come with reminders. You can have as many boards with as many cards as you like. 

Examples of how to use Trello:

  • Project management - create a coloured card for each project and list associated tasks.
  • Creating to-do lists - prioritise work by date or colour.
  • Managing completed projects/ tasks - create a ‘complete’ card on your board for easy review of completed work.
  • Planning - to plan out day-to-day activity each week.
  • Collecting ideas - a lot of the time ideas are scribbled on pieces of paper and can get lost. Project ideas can be organised alongside project progress on Trello.

Trello apps are also available for iPad, iPhone and Android, so you can update your information on the move and at meetings. 

Visit Trello.