Improvements to SSKS

Published in Features on 2 Nov 2016

Social Services Knowledge Scotland (SSKS) is a website and digital library dedicated to social care. Content relates to policy, practice and personal development within social services in Scotland. It was originally developed in partnership with Iriss and other sector organisations, and is built on NHS Education for Scotland 's long-established information technology, The Knowledge Network.

From November 2016, there will be improvements to the website. These include:

  • Improved signposting to key organisations and links to the best social services information on the web
  • A new line of ‘Topic’ portals including Infection Prevention and Control; and Evidence-informed Practice
  • Additions to the evidence-informed practice collection including links to policy and legislation, and to additional evidence sources
  • A new literature search service through which you can request a professional search
  • Ability to search for physical items from the library tab instead of through SHELcat
  • A ‘Resource of the month’ feature to highlight material from the SSKS library and other collections

Three new portals have already been added to the ‘Topics’ page:

  • Evidence Informed Practice
  • HAI Infection Prevention and Control
  • Knowledge into Action Support Centre

A new search engine, with a focus on finding books, journals and articles, and which will also be suitable for use on mobile devices, will launch on 27 March 2017. The rationale for making changes are explained in a document entitled, New search engine for The Knowledge Network.

Visit SSKS.