Plan P: New approaches to prevention with older people

Published on 24 Jan 2014

Iriss's new flagship project Plan P: New approaches to prevention with older people will be running over the next 2.5 years and will focus on tackling the key issue of loneliness and isolation in older people.

We will look at the current evidence in this area and what this means for practice in health and social care, as well as produce case studies documenting effective current support and interventions.

We will also, in partnership with older people, develop and trial new ways of providing support to people who are, or who are at risk of becoming, lonely or isolated. We are very excited about this important piece of work, which we hope will have real impact on the lives of older people in Scotland.

Keep up to date with what we are doing by reading the Plan P blog. The first post is entitled, Better than a cure.

Each quarter our project advisory group records a roundtable discussion. The first is entitled, What does prevention mean in an ageing population? You can listen to this on IRISS.FM.

Look out for future outputs from the project, including the first Insight which will be published next month. It examines what health and social care practitioners can do when working with lonely or isolation older people.