Navigating ethical approval in social care research: guidance and audio

Published on 5 Feb 2014

The Scottish Government has issued guidance: Navigating ethical approval and access in social care research (PDF). This has been developed by a working group involving Scottish Government, ADSW and Iriss, and explores the routes for navigating social care research ethics.

The guidance was launched at a well-attended event in Edinburgh on 28 January; in the course of lively discussion a number of key issues were highlighted. These included the potential implications of health and social care integration for the approval of research activity; the role of voluntary sector ethics committees; and the challenges that the involvement of user researchers can present for traditional ethics committees. It is intended that the guidance should evolve with changing circumstances and experience, and feedback is welcome from those involved in the range of research activity across social care.

We recorded two of the presentations at the event, which have been made available on IRISS.FM.

Listen to: