Final cut of Pilotlight Pick 'n' Mix video

Published on 5 Mar 2014

Pilotlight is working with teams of people who access and deliver support to design pathways to self-directed support. The co-design team in Moray identified a need for an accessible introduction to self-directed support. They wanted it to be inviting, fun and easy to understand, and so came up with the idea of 'Pick 'n' Mix - helping you pick 'n' mix the care and support services to live the life you choose'.

We and Providers and Personalisation thought the idea was so good that we jointly funded its animation. We consulted as widely as possible on the first version of the animation. We are very grateful to all of you that took the time to write to us with your feedback. Thank you.

Your feedback was overwhelmingly positive:

"I very much like the idea of a short animation as it seems a more comfortable way of gaining the information and feeling a little more confident in the concept".

"The IRISS pick and mix video is great. Having watched a few similar ones it is by far the best. We really like the tone, and speed of the voice over. The graphics are clear, not cluttered and easy to understand".

"The video is self explanatory and easy to understand".

"I just watched the animation and found it very easy to understand and an excellent introduction to Self-directed Support".

You were particularly positive about its potential for use with staff, and a range of client groups including children and families, people with mental health problems and older people. The two main groups for whom accessibility was highlighted as a potential difficulty were people with sensory impairments and some people with learning disabilities, particularly those with autistic spectrum disorders.

In response to your feedback, but recognising that we could not produce something that would be suitable for everyone, we reworked the video to replace the initial frames with a presenter. We also made a few script changes for clarification purposes.

The final version is available at: Pick 'n' Mix

It will be included in the web and app versions of the Scottish Government's SDS User Guidance.

We are particularly keen to hear how you are using the video and any ideas you have for further development. Please contact Judith Midgley) or Kate Dowling).