Using the Sony PSP for context based learning

Published on 16 Apr 2014

Key Community Supports provides support for people with disabilities thoughout Scotland. During 2013 IRISS worked with Key to explore how mobile technologies might provide context-based information and training for care workers.

Specifically we looked at how a mainstream device - the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) - could be used to deliver video instructions and support. We built on an idea developed by SSSC to use the video capabilities of the PSP to take learning and knowledge as close as possible to the point of implementation.

You can listen to Key's Alistair Welsh and Sandy Marshall on IRISS.FM talking about how it worked out, what lessons they learned and their plans for the future. Using the Sony Playstation Portable (PsP) for context based learning on IRISS.FM

And you can read about the Using the Sony Playstation Portable (PsP) for context-based learning project on our website.