Special issue of the Journal of Integrated Care

Published on 1 Sep 2014

The recently published special issue of the Journal of Integrated Care features articles from practitioners involved in the collaborative PROP - Practitioner-research: Older people project.

Catherine-Rose Stocks-Rankin celebrates the aims and outcomes of practitioner-research in a recent blog post Improving care for older people - together.

The collection of journal articles was very much a collective effort, produced in part over a shared writing retreat in October 2013.

The two main aims include:

  • To showcase, and champion, practitioner-led research.
  • To expand the conversation about the integration of the health and social care systems in Scotland. The Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Scottish Bill (2013) was passed in January 2014, but local governments and health boards are still determining the realities of this system-wide change. It offers some insights from the 'coalface' and shares some lessons from practitioners involved in a wide-range of integrated practice.