Keeping it Personal: Improving person-centred care

Published in News on 7 Mar 2016

The People Powered Health and Wellbeing Programme (PPHW), delivered by the Health and Social Care ALLIANCE Scotland is contributing towards the Scottish Government’s ambition to create a safe, effective and person-centred health and social care system.

Each of the PPHW programme partners explored different facets of the PPHW aim. The Iriss project – Keeping It Personal (KiP) – explored the use of person-centred approaches when designing improvements to the delivery of health and social care services. 

It aimed to create and share evidence of how co-production and improvement methodology can be used to design and deliver person-centred support. This was done to facilitate integrated working within health and social care partnerships, particularly in relation to people’s experiences of dementia and heart failure.

There are links to the evidence about combining co-production and improvement methodology, the co-production and improvement methodologies and an evaluation report of the KiP project.