The View from Here

Published on 12 Apr 2017

We've published a short summary of The View from Here project 2016/17.

The project involved promoting a deeper understanding of the impact of care and support and the contribution of the frontline workforce, and sharing frontline experiences of providing support, specifically focusing on the emotional impact of caring.

The work resulted in:

Songs - written by practitioners with professional songwriters and musicians in a one-day songwriting workshop led by Vox Liminis. The songs were performed by Ross Clark, Donna Maciocia and Louis Abbott. 

Poems - written by a number of practitioners on their experiences of working in care and support. 

Portrait stories - written by practitioners and illustrated by Andy Archer at Iriss. The stories depict personal experiences of working in various social services contexts. 

We plan to use these creative expressions in our work with the social services workforce over 2017/18.