Making evidence meaningful

Published on 27 Mar 2019
Making evidence meaningful event introduction by Stuart Muirhead, Iriss
Making evidence meaningful event introduction by Stuart Muirhead, Iriss

On 18 March, our Making Evidence Meaningful event was attended by 40 practitioners from across social services in Scotland, and explored the ways in which a wide range of evidence perspectives and voices influence the delivery of social support and care in Scotland.

There were a range of presentations from across the sector, outlining different ways of gathering and using evidence of all types. The event was organised through the Improving Use of Evidence Strand of the Scottish Social Services Strategy, who have developed an Evidence Statement that states:

We believe that evidence-informed practice involves considering evidence from a wide range of places, including experiences of practitioners and service users, as well as evidence from more formal research, organisations and environmental contexts.

Using the full Evidence Statement and presentations as prompts, small group discussions let attendees express their views on what would make an ideal 'evidence monster', what helps and hinders in the effective use of evidence in our world, and finally, what is needed in the future to support a more effective use of evidence in roles and organisations. 

A full report of this event (including illustrated evidence monsters!) will be available in due course.