Building a community of rural social workers

Published on 26 Oct 2020

It’s been over six months since we celebrated rural social work at the conference in Dumfries. In that time we have all experienced significant changes and challenges as a result of Covid-19.

We would like to build on the relationships, networks and knowledge that has been generated collectively as a community of rural social workers. To do so, and to do so well, we need your thoughts and ideas.

What topics would be of most value for rural social workers? What kind of activities would support rural social workers to stay informed, connected and networked? 

Complete a short survey (four questions) so that we can get a picture of how to build this community.

Read the Celebrating rural social work conference report, which highlights key messages form the March event about what it means to be a rural social worker and what supports and conditions we need to flourish. Our Rural Social Work blog also shares rural social work's experiences and responses throughout Covid-19.