The Drumchapel Early Years Network

Story of its impact and achievements
Published in Case studies on 8 Oct 2018

'Making Drumchapel the best place in Scotland to grow up'

The Drumchapel Early Years Network (DEYN) works to bring together local professionals working with early years and their families. By providing spaces to share experiences, improvements and enthusiasm, the network strives to improve the lives of children and families in Drumchapel and inspire innovation across Glasgow and beyond. Using the Children and Young People’s Improvement Collaborative approach, the network encourages practitioners to try things differently, and ensure that families are receiving the right support at the right time.

DEYN workshop

Since its launch in April 2015, the network has engaged with over 50 organisations and 250 people from across the third sector, education, social work, health, Glasgow Life, Scottish Government and the police. With diverse activities including regular network meetings, speakers and film screenings, networking opportunities, discussions, a choir and training programmes, the network is well on it’s way to achieving it’s aim of 'making Drumchapel the best place in Scotland to grow up'. 

In 2018, Iriss commissioned The Village Storytelling Centre to create the story of DEYN in partnership with the steering group. The Village attended a network meeting and in collaboration with animator, Caroline Campbell, gathered stories, ideas and images which have been made into an engaging animation. The story (a) provides the network the opportunity to share and reflect on its successes and learning so far and (b) raise awareness more widely of the impact that DEYN is having on the professionals and families living and working in Drumchapel.

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Perspectives on the network

Members of the planning group and individuals central to the success of DEYN give us their perspectives on the network.


Sharon Colvin, Project Manager at 3D Drumchapel

It's all about relationships. Once we understand each other then we can work better together

Anne O'Grady, former Headteacher at Chester's Nursery School

If a family came through the doors of my establishment I needed to be able to help them and in order to help them you need pals. For me that is what the network is all about.

Peter Orr, Service Manager (Children & Families, North West Health and Social Care Partnership)

I think sometimes we underestimate the power of communities

Tricia Mostyn, Senior Health Improvement Advisor (North West Health and Social Care Partnership)

There’s always a real buzz when you go in the door

Paul McGeough, Service Manager (Children and Families, North West Health and Social Care Partnership)

You listen and you contribute, and I suppose it’s very much like a jigsaw. Once you put all the different pieces together you have a deeper understanding of what issues families are facing in the community.


Impact stats

  • 100% of members have discovered other relevant services in the area 
  • 95% have learned about new information and practice relevant to their work
  • 52% have referred families to services they found out about through the network. Another 34% intend to
  • 65% of members shared new knowledge from the network with their colleagues
  • 95% have made contact with people from other services they didn’t know about

Proactive, Inclusive, Community, Innovative


A great way to find and source all the different initiatives that are available locally in the community and that we can signpost at our sessions
Early Years Scotland 

The training was very good and it has increased my knowledge of the benefit system and will enable me to carry out my role in a more effective way
Young Persons' Support Base 

I really enjoy coming to DEYN. It is a fun, informative and a great way to work in collaboration with other agencies to make Drumchapel the best place in Scotland to grow up
HSCP, Health Visiting Team

I now have a better awareness of different organisations in the local community, what they do and how to make a referral to them

The Drumchapel Early Years Network is one of the best examples of professional development and networking practice in the city. As a Family Learning Officer working in the area, it has been and continues to be an invaluable source of information, innovation and inspiration 
Glasgow Life

It has exceeded all my expectations and my expectations were high to begin with
Improvement Advisor, Scottish Government


Iriss would like to thank The Village Storytelling Centre and 3D Drumchapel, with special thanks to Sharon Colvin at 3D Drumchapel for her ongoing support and enthusiasm. Thanks also to the members of the network for their time and commitment in the making of this story.

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