Alison Petch

Iriss annual Champions event 2014

Report of annual champions event 2014

Iriss annual champions event took place at New Lanark Mill Hotel on 12th and 13th November 2014. Twenty six champions made their way from as far north as Shetland and as far south as Dumfries and Galloway.

Personal learning networks introduction - Alison Petch

Personal learning networks

The knowledge management strategy for the social services highlights the vital role of social media and urges organisations to encourage and nurture the innovative use of web-based interactive tools for communication, collaboration and learning.

Importance of ethics in social care research and six principles for ethical research, episode 74

An event entitled, 'Navigating ethical approval and access in social care research' was held on 28 January 2014. It provided an opportunity to discuss the routes for gaining ethical approval for social care research and to provide a platform for the launch of the guidance document developed by a working group led by Scottish Government.

Delivering integrated care and support

Report commissioned by ADSW

Document that is the second review of research evidence completed for ADSW by Professor Alison Petch from Iriss on the factors that underpin best health and social care integrated practice.

Audit and analysis of Significant Case Reviews

Report that presents the findings from an audit and analysis of 56 Significant Case Reviews (SCRs) and 43 Initial Case Reviews (ICRs) conducted in Scotland since 2007. It was written by Sharon Vincent (University of Wolverhampton) and Alison Petch, Iriss.

Integration of health and social care

Insight 14

This Insight is based on the key findings of a review conducted for ADSW (Petch, 2011), which considered the evidence base for health and social care integration. Written by Alison Petch (Iriss)