Anna Fowlie

Care Accolades 2013, episode 45

The 2013 Care Accolades was held on Friday 31st May at the Perth Concert Hall. Always an uplifting occasion and a chance to celebrate achievements in social care across Scotland, IRISS.FM spoke to a number of people involved in the many projects nominated for awards, as well as Alan Baird, Chief Social Work Advisor at Scottish Government; and Anna Fowlie, Chief Executive of SSSC.

Why now? Imperatives for change and the role of the SSSC - Anna Fowlie


Conference introduction. As part of a programme to foster better use of technology in the social services, Iriss, SSSC and the Learning Networks have organised a conference and exhibition on Friday 25th February 2011.

The conference offered a range of workshops aimed at demystifying the use and range of learning technologies. It also offered assistance in developing cost efficient and accessible solutions for the social services workforce.

Getting it Right for Looked After Children and Young People: building a strong corporate family - Anna Fowlie

Getting It Right for Every Child: Childhood, Citizenship and Children's Services

Anna Fowlie, Head of Corporate Parenting, Care and Justice Division, Children, Young People and Social Care Directorate. Scottish Government.

Session 3 - Building Better Childhoods, Responding to Need. Chair: Professor Andrew Kendrick, Glasgow School of Social Work.

Getting It Right for Every Child: Childhood, Citizenship and Children's Services, Glasgow, 24-26 September 2008. Recorded 25th September 2008.