Brenda Gillies

Learning for effective and ethical practice: comprehensive knowledge review

Learning For Effective And Ethical Practice

Between November 2003 and July 2005, the Scottish Institute for Excellence in Social Work Education commissioned The Universities of Edinburgh, Dundee and The Robert Gordon University to undertake a study of Learning for Effective and Ethical Practice (LEEP), the main purpose of which was as follows: To improve radically the quality, quantity, range, relevance, inter-professionality and management of practice learning opportunities for the new social work honours degree.

Opportunities for interprofessional learning: literature review

Learning For Effective And Ethical Practice

This review seeks to identify the key themes informing the task of equipping social workers to work in a multidisciplinary context (SSSC 2003). The review considers how policy imperatives for organisational change have reinforced new budgetary, managerial and operational relationships across the professions.