Brigid Daniel

Keeping an eye on the child, episode 25

Professor Brigid Daniel's keynote address to the 2012 SCOPT (Scottish Organisation for Practice Teaching) annual conference.

Protecting people through partnerships: WithScotland Conference 2012, episode 24

Coverage of WithScotland's first national conference. Speakers included Tom Wood, Chair of East and Mid-Lothian Adult and Child Protection Committees; Beth Smith, Director at WithScotland; Joy Barlow, Strategic Advisor at STRADA; and Brigid Daniel, Head of Social Work at the University of Stirling.

Meeting children's needs for care and protection - Brigid Daniel

Longitudinal research seminar

Longitudinal research seminar took place at The Scottish Universities Insight Institute, Glasgow, on the 20th and 21st of April 2011. The intention was to identify the core constituents of a robust longitudinal design that would be fit for the evaluation of the efficacy of everyday professional intervention aimed at improving the lives of vulnerable children.

Neglect, risk and resilience - Brigid Daniel

Achieving Results with Children and Families

Brigid Daniel, Professor of Child Care and Protection, University of Dundee. Brigid is the Director of Studies for a large suite of post-qualifying child care and protection training courses.

Recorded at Achieving Results with Children and Families conference.