Care management

Fit for the Future in Argyll and Bute, episode 113

Fit for the Future is a project dedicated to inspiring better outcomes for older people in Scotland by working with providers from the independent sector. This is a round-table reflection on the work in Argyll and Bute. The project brought together providers, commissioners and key strategic leads in local authority and the NHS to understand the current commissioning and delivery of care at home. It resulted in some new and innovative approaches to commissioning.

Delivering 'A Better Life' for older people with high support needs in Scotland

A briefing exploring how to achieve a good quality of life for older people with high support needs


A Better Life was a major five year programme of work developed by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation which explored how to achieve a good quality of life for older people with high support needs. This briefing has been produced by Iriss to ensure that the messages and challenges of A Better Life are understood in the context of the current policy drivers in Scotland and are translated into practice across the country.

Ethical considerations around telecare - Andrew Eccles

Human Services in the Network Society, Changes, Challenges and Opportunities

Andrew Eccles,Lecturer,Glasgow School of Social Work.

Recorded at Connected Practice Symposium,Human Services in the Network Society,Changes, Challenges and Opportunities. The Institute for Advanced Studies, Glasgow 14-15 September 2009.