Ellen Daly

Prison leavers and homelessness

Insight 29

Insight 29
Examines the relationship between homelessness and offending, the impact of prison, key challenges and messages for practice.

Homelessness: sustainability

Iriss.fm, episode 118

Partners in the Homelessness: pathways and prevention project discuss their experiences of keeping people out of homelessness.

Homelessness: transitions

Iriss.fm, episode 116

An Iriss.fm discussion on effective interventions for keeping people out of homelessness.

In care and online, corporate parenting in the internet age - Neil Ballantyne, Zachari Duncalf, Ellen Daly

Human Services in the Network Society, Changes, Challenges and Opportunities

Neil Ballantyne, Iriss, Zachari Duncalf, Scottish Institute for Residential Child Care and Ellen Daly, Iriss.

Recorded at Connected Practice Symposium,Human Services in the Network Society,Changes, Challenges and Opportunities. The Institute for Advanced Studies, Glasgow 14-15 September 2009.

The Canadian "Home Children": a case study in the digitisation of social work heritage material

A childrens travelling trunk

Social work and social welfare services in the developed world have a rich, if relatively recent, history with origins in the social upheavals associated with rapid industrialization and urbanization during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. There is a regular flow of scholarly work analysing historical trends in the policies and practices of social welfare agencies.