Fit for the Future: The future of care

A tool for practitioners to explore a vision for the future of care for older people.

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A tool for practitioners to explore a vision for the future of care for older people.

Imagining the Future: Workforce

The future social services workforce in Scotland 2025

Fully integrated world


Aims and ambitions

Over the next 10-15 years there are likely to be significant changes both in the numbers requiring access to support and the strategies for responding to this.

Our future our lives - David Bachelor

Self-directed support and dementia in Scotland

David Bachelor - Scottish Dementia Working Group on "our future our lives".

This talk was recorded on Tuesday 11th October 2011 as part of the Alzheimer Scotland self-directed support and dementia in Scotland event.

Future risks and opportunities toolkit

Building strategies for the future

Future risks and opportunities toolkit

A set of 19 cards which describe different techniques and methods, and 3 diagrams, which explain the technique, when it may be useful, the amount of expertise the tools requires, the time the tool can take to work through, how many people may benefit from being involved and a ‘how to use’ guidelines.

Iriss Forum 2010: Workshops

Iriss Forum 2010

Workshop in action

Iriss Forum 2010 - Challenging times, creative solutions was the first Iriss Forum. Those who attended had the opportunity to hear from a number of speakers and found out how Iriss can support the social services workforce to 'do things differently' Was focused on how solutions can be found by working in partnership to deliver successful outcomes for the people that access Scotland's social services.

Compilation from the four conference workshop sessions:

Innovative approaches to creating the learning organisation - Euan Semple

Composing the Future, Innovation by Design

Part of the Iriss Masterclass series, Euan Semple  - talks about embedding social media in the workplace.

Euan Semple

Euan was Head of Knowledge Management at the BBC from 2001-2005 and is acknowledged as one of the leading social media experts in the UK. Since leaving the BBC three years ago he has worked with major organisations such as Nokia, the World Bank, and NATO.