Community social work in Scotland

A critical history, fifty years after the Social Work (Scotland) Act 1968

Mother living with her children in an overcrowded single end tenement flat Glasgow
A critical history of community social work, fifty years after the Social Work (Scotland) Act 1968.

Gypsy Traveller history in Scotland

A pictorial timeline

Gypsy Traveller harvesting fruit

Gypsy Travellers are largely absent from history or misrepresented and mythologised in our culture and folklore — often in the crudest and most damaging of ways. Their story is often untold or misunderstood, reinforcing their marginalisation in society with denial of identity, visibility and respect.

The Canadian "Home Children": a case study in the digitisation of social work heritage material

A childrens travelling trunk

Social work and social welfare services in the developed world have a rich, if relatively recent, history with origins in the social upheavals associated with rapid industrialization and urbanization during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. There is a regular flow of scholarly work analysing historical trends in the policies and practices of social welfare agencies.

Knowledge for practice

Ian Watson from the Scottish Institute for Excellence in Social Work Education and Nada Savitch from the Social Care Institute for Excellence explain how they are working together to enable social care staff to access the knowledge they need.