Prison leavers and homelessness

Insight 29

Evidence summary that looks at the relationship between homelessness and offending, the impact of prison, key challenges and messages for practice.

Extending the housing options for older people

Insight 26

Insight 26 - Extending the housing options for older people: focus on extra care
Ideally, as promoted by Reshaping Care for Older People, older people should be supported to remain in their existing home with the provision of care and support as required; but for some this is not possible and others may wish to choose an alternative. This Insight seeks to explore the evidence base in respect of housing with care and support, in particular extra care provision, and the extent to which the range of models embraced by this term provide an effective alternative to residential and nursing care…

Housing Options Scotland

The advent of self-directed support and personalised care will mean that over time, more and more individuals will have control of, and choice around, their own care and support, and this will include where and how they want to live. Housing Options Scotland is a public service organisation that provides a public access service to all people with disabilities throughout Scotland. It does not directly provide housing, but offers detailed information and advice that will enable people to find the right home.


bespoken is a social media website dedicated to building a community that aims to include disabled people in the design of everyday household products from their own homes, and where they can share ideas and tips on how to overcome everyday challenges that are faced with appliances and technology.