Young people's views on violence against women - Nancy Lombard

Dr Nancy Lombard, Lecturer, Napier University Edinburgh (February 2012)

Dr Nancy Lombard talks about her research conducted with 89 primary school children in Glasgow. The research explored their views on violence, particularly about violence against women. The research involved an exploratory questionnaire, group discussion sessions and discussions of case studies.

Talking Mats - case study evidence

Talking Mats and Reviews

An outreach worker at the Centre was working with a young boy who was experiencing significant difficulties at school including aggression and non-compliance. He was being excluded and had also spent considerable periods of time being looked after away from home by other family members. During meetings which the boy was not part of it became clear that his own views and voice was not being heard.

Ballikinrain care and education planning process

Laura-Jayne Callaghan (Residential Social Worker) in discussion with Edwina Grant (Independent Psychologist)

Laura-Jayne explains to Edwina an innovative care and education planning process for young people.

Filmed at Ballikinrain School, 13 April 2010.