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Iriss is a charitable company that promotes positive outcomes for the people who use Scotland's social services.

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Launch of a film based on two research studies which focus on different elements of child care and protection practice.
Special collections of Iriss resources based on topics at the forefront of the Covid-19 crisis.
A summary of Iriss and sector resources.

Three things: Coronavirus support

Tips and practical advice that provides assistance in the continued transition.
National and international resources for social services practitioners.
If you are working in social services and need help to publish content on your own website, or are looking to create something new, we can help.

Latest from the podcast

26 Jun 2020
Bill Scott is Director of Policy at Inclusion Scotland, an organisation that works to achieve positive changes to policy and practice, so that disabled people are fully included throughout all…
19 Jun 2020
Sue Stockdale works with leaders and organisations to help them achieve exceptional performance.   She has an in-depth understanding of motivation and leadership, gleaned from her decades of…
12 Jun 2020
Celia Sweeney cares for her son Paul who has one of the rarest brain diseases in the world.   To mark Carer's Week, she very kindly gave us her time to tell us about her situation during the Covid-…
9 Jun 2020
Michael McEwan speaks to three carers: Alex Davis, a full-time carer for her son; Frank McGowan who cares for his older brother; and Liz Carson, who cares for her son.  Each person tells us about…