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Learning from Wales on what's needed to support independent living and change how care and support is provided.
Register for a course that will help you apply ethical principles to the planning and purchase of adult social care and support services.
Practical ways to get human rights 'right' for disabled people.

Feature resources: Migrants and asylum seekers

Explores the development of migrant integration strategies and services in Scotland.
Details immigration in the UK, the legislative and policy framework, and lessons for social work policy and practice.
A peer mentoring and support network co-produced with young people.

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The role of technology in rural social work

Is technology the answer for rural social work?  Jane Pye, Lecturer in Social Work at Lancaster University. explores the potential benefits of using…

Changing how homecare is commissioned and delivered

How do we help people live their lives as they want? How can we commission services in a more ethical and person-centred way? The Gwynedd social care…