Rikke Iversholt

Resilience resources

collected by Iriss, Social Work Scotland and the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC)

A collection of resilience resources covering topics such as Supervision, Leadership, Self-care, Support and Learning

Blending ideas

Iriss on...

Innovation is not a practice reserved for ‘the creative’ or ‘the experts’. You innovate all the time…

Visualised information to support social services in Scotland

Infopics provide visualised information to support social services in Scotland and have been designed as companion documents to Iriss Insights. Infopics highlight and interpret the data behind key sector themes in a way that is visual and accessible.

SASW Social Worker of the Year 2011: Sandy Watt (Part two)

Interview April 2012

At the end of March 2012, the Scottish Association of Social Work (SASW) awarded its annual Social Worker of the Year Award 2011 to Sandy Watt, mental health officer at North Lanarkshire Council.

At the award ceremony Sandy was described as "skilled, courteous, ethical and effective" in working with people with mental health challenges.

Embracing change

Five guides on the topic of innovation in social services in Scotland

These guides aim to explore how you can approach innovation in your social services organisation, embracing the change that presents, and managing the risks that ensue.

Why innovate? Why now?

Embracing change

Scottish social services organisations face major challenges over the next 10 years

In 2007, the social care costs resulting from alcohol misuse were estimated to be between £114.2 million and £346.8 million (mid-point £230.5 million), with almost all of these costs relating to children and families (Scottish Government, 2009).

Future risks and opportunities toolkit

Building strategies for the future

The Future, risks and opportunities toolkit has been developed to help organisations build strategies for the future. It provides techniques and methods for strategically identifying and analysing future risks and opportunities in the workplace.

The toolkit is intended for future analysts, policy makers, strategists and anyone managing a futures process. It will encourage the use of futures thinking and analysis in order to make better decisions for practice.

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